iPhone Obsessions: iDrum

Image courtesy of Ministry of Sound

The iPhone app store has single-handedly become a choice distraction for those looking to max out their mobile potential on the go or at home. Any audiophile can tell you that the store is chock full of music software to satisfy all musical palettes, ranging from casual games to truncated production applications.

iDrum happens to be one such application, offering users the chance to visually produce originally manufactured beats as well as augment previously existing ones. Presented by legendary DJ label Ministry of Sound, iDrum features over 300 original samples for users to toy with, as well as 20 kits featuring different instruments to weave into various beats. With a completely unique interface resembling that of a sampler, iDrum allows users to zoom in to specific squares (that represent different instruments and effects), altering and editing to any style or taste.

While the app may seem a bit daunting at first, there is certainly a learning curve involved in creating music with such a tiny device. It may be instinctual to haphazardly tap the interface upon first glance, which will inevitably produce distorted and displeasing music. However, with a $5.99 price tag, iDrum is simply one of those applications that, no matter how quickly you learn, maintains its longevity and entertainment value long after it’s purchased.

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