Can I upload something that I did NOT create myself?

NO – This is a violation of our terms and conditions – Do not even attempt to perform an action of this sort.


Is there a minimum or maximum playing time for submissions?

There is no minimum or maximum playing time for submissions. Feel free to submit tracks from 1 second long to over 1 hour long and even longer.


What type of file should I upload?

AudioMicro accepts .MP3 files with a MINIMUM sample rate of 128 kbps and .WAV files with MINIMUM sample rate of 44.1 kHz/16 bit, but larger file specs up to 320 kbps for .MP3 files and 192 kHz/24 bit for .WAV files are always welcome.

Please ensure that your music tracks are within the following guidelines:

-.MP3 files with a MINIMUM sample rate of 128 kbps and/or .WAV files with MINIMUM sample rate of 44.1 kHz/16 bit.

-For non-FTP uploads, files should be less than 8MB in size.  Both the single and multi-file upload modules do not accept files larger than 8MB.  Please “Request FTP” from your My Account profile page and use the FTP module should you desire to upload files larger than 8MB.

-file names should not contain any special character and / or spaces

-please do not upload DRM protected files

-please do not upload corrupt files

-please do not upload watermarked files

If an uploaded file does not meet the above listed properties, it will be automatically deleted by the AudioMicro system.  Further instructions are given on the Upload page.



How many tracks can I upload in a single day?

There is no maximum amount to the number of uploads you can submit.


What other information will I need to provide with my track?

After uploading the file to the AudioMicro you will need to enter information about the music track, also called “metadata”. We need a track title, description, a main category (optional subcategory), and at least 5 tags, separated by commas (3 words max per tags and a total of 50 words max). Please note that the more thorough your track information, the better your track will sell.  For additional tips about boosting your sales on our site, please read our FAQ section on "Selling Music on AudioMicro".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to try and fill out the title, description, and tags boxes fully so more people can find your tracks. The more concise your descriptions and tags are, the more tracks you will sell. Remember to separate tags with a comma and keep total tag words to 50 or less per upload.

Having trouble finding the perfect tag / keyword to use to describe your content? See our list below:

funk, fusion, TV music, film music, guitar rock, instrumental guitar, rock guitar, good mood, positive, piano, down tempo, chill, ambient, jazzy, electro, good, jazz, vibraphone, acoustic piano, bass, drums, energetic, intense, happy, joyful, upbeat, fast tempo, rhythmic, sprightly, hypnotic, hard, synch, electric guitars, tense, determined, foreboding, orchestra, trumpet, strings, sweeping, triumphant, melodic, grand, emotional, dramatic, mysterious, piano, orchestra, eerie, tension, melodic, tension building, dramatic, doom, dramatic, emotional, piano, sad, lonely, unsettled, restrained, romantic, melodic, piano, hope, beautiful, sad, melancholy, slow, piano, orchestra, longing, loss, beautiful, new age music, acoustic music, acoustic guitar, piano, acoustic instruments, Mediterranean feel, relaxing, peaceful, classical, electronic, past, present, future, science fiction, sci-fi, film, time travel, thriller, epic, angry, strong, action, heavy, victorious, guitar, rock, hard, scene, action, race, fight, kick, struggle, win, choral, ceremonial, funeral, religious, dramatic, classical, choral, orchestral, doubt, bitter, happiness chamber, orchestra, piano, emotive, romantic, film score, TV series, ambient music, ambient electro, space music, trippy music, retro electronica, electronic, relaxing, dreamy, atmospheric, dark, dramatic, revengeful, bright, playful, new, possibility, possibilities, anticipation, anticipating, pop, corporate, sale, sell, vacation, holiday, upbeat, growth, progress, growing, percussion, happy, joyful, joy, joyous, ambient music, ambient ethnic, deep forest, world ambient, uplifting, relaxing, flute, ethnic flute, dreamy, atmospheric, new age music, neo classical, orchestral, soundtrack, modern classical, classical, dramatic, strings,60's, sixties, Beatles, psychedelic, sitar, guitars, oriental, bouncy, groovy, happy, lively, uplifting, carefree, bright, energetic, optimistic, rock, inspiring, epic, cinematic, movie, strings, orchestra, adventure, fantasy, film, ambient, electronic, drums, bass, pizzicato, slow, marching, techno, fast, adrenaline, chase, chasing, moving, action, motion, stormy, ominous, storm, dance, techno, guitar, funky, funk, pulse, DJ, world beat, world beat, club, arpeggio, rock, tense, electric guitar, aggressive, angry, anxious, determined, disillusioned, hard, intense, nervous, strong, driving, dangerous, excited, tension, edgy, energetic, fast, animated, bold, loud, menacing, suspicious, serene, sensual, moving, zen, meditation, tender, reassuring, ballad, ethereal, orchestral, longing, spiritual, Ukrainian, anthem, poignant, heartache, smooth jazz, romantic film score, acoustic piano, orchestral strings, slow tempo ballad, mood music, relaxation, meditation, reflection, thoughtful, pensive, romantic, quiet, spooky, creepy



Where do we indicate who is the writer of the track? I see a blank for publisher but not for composer.

When you click on "my account" there's a field under "bio" for songwriter/composer, and the information you enter there follows all of your songs around, so it'll be known that you are the songwriter for all of them.


Can I delete a “Pending” file that’s appearing in the My Account profile page but has not yet been submitted to your editors queue for review?

YES – there is a little red icon next to each Pending file and if you click this icon, your Pending file will be deleted.


How will I know when my track(s) is approved?

After entering the information, AudioMicro will listen to your track within 1-2 business days and only if your content is disapproved will we send you a notification email. In most disapproval cases, we will provide the reason for disapproval. If you content is approved, it will go live into the AudioMicro archive immediately upon approval by our editors.


Can I edit the Title, Description, and Tags of my files once they have been accepted?

YES – you can edit and amend the Titles, Descriptions, and Tags from your “My Account” profile page


My Music / Sounds do not fit into one of your already predefined categories? How can I add / create a category to put my music into?

Our back end editors would be more than happy to create a new category / genre for you. Please contact us and we will create the appropriate category for your work.


Can you create an FTP account on your server for me so that I can just FTP in my entire portfolio?

YES – you can request an FTP account by clicking the “Ftp Request” link on the right side of your “My Account” profile page. Once we approve your request, we will email you the login details and you can use an FTP client to transfer your content directly to our servers for speediness and ease of upload.


I want to offer the same multi format versions of my pieces. Can I do this?

Here are some guidelines for you:

- if you upload the file in .wav format, our clients have the choice of downloading the file in wav, aif, or mp3.
- if you upload in .aif, our clients have the choice of downloading the file in .aif, .wav, or .mp3.

- if you upload in .mp3, they have the choice of downloading the file in only in .mp3 format.

You are free to upload the files in whichever format you choose.  We try not to have duplicate files (i.e. a .mp3 version and a .wav version) wherever possible, and we always prefer the higher quality files (.wav and .aif).


How can I tell how many active (approved and live) tracks that I have on

If you go into the My Account profile page, you can see the status of each track that you have submitted to us that has been approved. Please note that if a track says inactive in red next to it, this means that we originally accepted your tracks and that our back end editors (upon a second or tertiary review) decided to inactivate your content.


What information from the My Account profile page that I input can other users see?


Artist’s bio

Job Description

How long you have been an AudioMicro user


How to Mass Tag Your Uploads

AudioMicro is pleased to now provide you with the ability to mass tag your new tracks after uploading. 

Mass uploading and tagging is a great way for artists to upload tons of content quickly and efficiently. Creating accurate and detailed tags on these tracks is one of the most important tools for generating maximum sales of your files, and now we have made it easier than ever!



 -Login to your account at the top of the page at

 -Once logged in, click "My Account" also at the top of the page

 -Scroll to the bottom right and click "Upload" under the Artist Dashboard

 -Upload your tracks with your preferred delivery method (For uploading multiple         tracks we strongly recommend using the DropBox, SoundCloud or FTP options). Note - For further instructions on uploading files, refer to the "Uploading Files to AudioMicro" section of the FAQ here:

 -After uploading all files, click the link below the upload box to navigate to your "Pending Submissions" to start Mass Tagging. (This can also be found by clicking "My Account" at the top, then clicking "Organize Tracks" on the bottom right.)


Mass Tagging (4 Steps):

-STEP 1 - From the Pending Submissions page, click the grey box named "Download Categories". Save this .csv to your computer and open in excel.

"AudioMicroCategories.csv" - This file is only used for you to reference and select each track's corresponding music or sound category number (i.e. Classic Rock or Siren etc). These numbers correlate to the categories on the sheet, and we will go over how to use this number in the instructions below. You may only choose 1 category per track.


-STEP 2 - Next, click the second grey box named "Download Data Template". Save this .csv to your computer and open in excel.

"DataTemplate-###.csv" - This is where you will fill in all pertinent tags and data for your tracks. 


Using the Data Template file, please fill in all data for your tracks. IMPORTANT - Please be sure to pay close attention to the column headers. 


Data Columns:


-Original File Name - DO NOT EDIT

-Category ID - Fill in ONLY the category number from column A of the "AudioMicroCategories.csv" excel sheet that best corresponds to your track.

-Title - Track Title

-Details/Descriptions - Brief but detailed description of your track. Unlike tags, the description allows you to freely describe your track using complete sentences. Sell the track! Convince buyers that this piece is perfect for their project. Descriptions will only reinforce a buyer’s decision to pick YOUR track out of the other thousands on AudioMicro. For example: "A driving orchestral piece, with a light slow introduction that moves into a strong, uplifting and powerful melody that builds to a climax. Carried forward with a rhythm reminiscent of war drums, it builds to a dramatic finale."

-Composer, PRO, Publishing (optional)

-Tags (5 minimum, separated by comma) - Extremely important! Tag adjectives that describe the emotion of the track. These tags will be used in a user's search query, so give them careful thought and be detailed! Tags will help to separate tracks under the same genre that evoke different feelings. For example: under the heavy metal genre, there may be one track with tags such as “anguish, loud, earthshaking,” while another heavy metal song could be tagged with “uplifting,” or “triumphant.” Same genre, different tones.

-BPM (optional) - place for you to put your track's Beats Per Minute

-Loop (optional) - If you’ve created a loop, we encourage you to place a "y" in this form. Again, this is for your benefit as it helps to organize our files, which will give your tracks a better chance at discovery. Also, when you upload a loop, make sure to add at least one revolution of the loop itself in the recording. Buyers will want to hear the loop in action, so it wouldn’t be as effective to simply upload a 6-second loop without the sound actually looping. An "n" represents that the track is not a loop

After completing all data and checking for missing info, save this .csv somewhere on your computer where you can easily access it. You may receive a random excel error, just make sure to click yes to save.


-STEP 3 On the Pending Submissions page where you downloaded the two files, click the 3rd grey box labeled "Upload Data". Locate the .csv file you just saved at the end of Step 2, and upload your data.

-On the verification screen, you will see your tracks and all data that was entered. If any information is missing or incorrect there will be red "x" on the far right "Validated" column next to that track. If this occurs, please reopen your .csv and fix the invalid data, then reupload your data.

-This tool has an autosave feature, so each time you upload the data, everything is saved in our systems. If all tracks have a green check mark, you are ready to submit.

-Click the "Pending Submissions" button at the top right of the page to return to your Pending Tracks section


-STEP 4 - Finally, click the 4th grey box titled "Submit All" to complete the submission process. 

You're done! Congratulations on uploading your tracks with the new mass tagging feature. Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions at

-AudioMicro Support Team 



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