Description: TRAPgasmic # 2 is an intense Trap track starting with soft pads and then intensifies with EDM keys,808 snare rolls,pulse pads and a catchy synth hook into deep trap beats and full musical Trap EDM sections,features major drops..

Description: TRAPgasmic # 2 is an extended 7 minute Trap and EDM mashup featuring massive EDM firework drops patiently intensifying into an epic Trap production..

Description: Royal Trap # 9 is a special 6 min extended mix starting with a fancy wave sequence and duophonic synth surrounded by healthy pads into a trap beat that spirals into a funky soul to soul groove.

Description: Trap beat with fresh deep 808's and percussion

Description: trap beat with guitars synths and bangin drums,piano lead

Description: Slow meditative bass trap theme with deep bass, airy vocal samples, orchestral drums and brass. Can be used for reviews, presentations, games, movies and much more!

Description: this is a Trap VS EDM/Trance Mash Up containing trap beats into big trance synth keys,contains big drops with fancy rumbling builds..

Description: TRAPgasmic # 1 is an extended full on epic Trap production mash up between multiple genres starting with airy pads that builds into EDM keys and then Tribal toms,claps and firework snares into a full on Trap section with a strong synth hook,deep bass,athem synths and deep bass..features lots of switch drops..

Description: Royal Trap # 1 starts with EDM elements that builds with party claps and intensity and then spins into an inspiring trap groove with special string melodies,low end synth sounds,dubstep elements,sub bass and glitch sounds..

Description: This is track 1 from a series of 10 tracks that will mix trap with chill out music..This track contains a beautiful steel guitar type sound..airy sounds,light bells with pitched drums,piano chords,pad drops,strings,its very beautiful..

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