Description: A hard and aggressive track, made with old style drum machine, dark bass, dreamy piano and modern edgy synth sounds. Perfect for your urban soundtracks and extreme sports / action videos.

Description: Mind Trap is a very intense, modern, dark and aggressive trap style instrumental. The beat contains 808 sub-bass kick drums, claps, fast hi hats, pads, leads, strings, synths, bells, hits, arpeggios, electric guitars and cool sound effects. Perfectly suitable for rap music, action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

Description: It is a untypical trap beat because I mix a spacial and calm sound with the base percussion of trap. Its generates a modern and urban sound with a pacific melodys. The sence that it reach can be used in media that needs something that sound modern but not to aggressive or basic like other tracks, the hypnotical sequence of this beat its perfect for this situations and many others, like presentations, advertisings, commercials, viral marketing, youtube background, pormotional videos, etc.

Description: It was a dark trap instrumental that transmit negative feelings with deep and low pads. I did it following the actual sound of this genere and add more dinamics and energy. It is perfect for something related with youth, modernity, and urban scene or something that needs the esscense of the track. It can be used in presentations, advertisings, commercials, viral marketing, youtube background, pormotional videos, etc.

Description: Dark ambient crystal pads, heavenly ambient synth fills, deep sub 808 bass, backwards vocal risers, and detailed trap drum programming / Think dark ambient Lil Pump type trap beat

Description: A powerful contemplative urban track with assertive pianos and soaring strings that build up to a crescendo of deep 808s and a powerful drop of massive saw synths and orchestral strings with haunting plucks and bells. A perfect track for commercials, Youtube, sports, contemporary dance, hip hop, trailers, film, events and more.

Description: Modern Hip Hop instrumental with a chilled out Trap back-beat.

Description: Electronic, modern, emotional and very inspirational hip-hop instrumental. Perfectly suitable for background music, video projects, websites, games, podcasts, commercials, soundtracks, films and motion graphics. I hope you like it.

Description: Streets Calling (Instrumental)

Description: Powerful sounding loopable EDM track that will work great with any dynamic videos, extreme sport video and other slideshow or promo videos, there needs to convey heavy force and movement.