Description: Hot Air Balloon: In Flight Ambience: Burner Blasts And Crackles, Basket Creaks; Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames, Wood, Paper & Cardboard Foley, Crackle, Rattle & Jingle Foley, Miscellaneous Transportation, Miscellaneous Sports

Description: Sailing Ship; Creaking with Sea Crashes; Sailing Ship Gentle Creaks And Sea With Some Seagulls.

Description: Start, Idle, Drive, Stop, Shut Off Motorcycles & Scooters

Description: Transportation Automobile Chrysler Jeep 1972 High Performance 304 V8 Engine Start Up Rev Engine Shut Off.

Description: the following race car sample is an outlaw sprint car these are really cool if you play them real loud. turn it up.

Description: Ship; Engine Room; Ships Engine Room. Heavy Rhythmic Pistons.

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