Description: Interior: Enter Car, Start, Drive, Stop, Shut Off, Volkswagen, Vw Volkswagen Cars

Description: A full length recording of a metro train (waiting on the platform-train arrival-boarding-train journey-alighting-train pulling away from station) made on the Bangalore Metro. Recorded at 48Khz/24bit

Description: Interior Driving: Radio, Signals, Horn, Etc. Horns;Car Turn Signals;Car Horns

Description: Car,1990 Chevrolet Berretta,Drive,Onboard,Med,Idle

Description: Bell 206 Helicopter: Int: In Flight At Various Speeds Toward Landing, Land, Shut Off, Long Wind Down; Helicopters

Description: AirplaneTakeOff_S011TA.6 transportation, aircraft, airplane, take, off, interior, perspective, commercial, airliner

Description: AIRCRAFT PROP TWIN TURBO: INT: Start, taxi, take off, steady flight, landing, taxi, switch off.

Description: General ambience of travelling on London's Underground at around midnight on a week day

Description: Car,1990 Chevrolet Berretta,Drive,Onboard,Slow

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