Description: Hot Air Balloon: In Flight Ambience: Burner Blasts And Crackles, Basket Creaks; Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames, Wood, Paper & Cardboard Foley, Crackle, Rattle & Jingle Foley, Miscellaneous Transportation, Miscellaneous Sports

Description: Industry, Factory, Overhead Crane, Big; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Truck, semi, drives by.

Description: Vintage Formula 1; Internal Start / Idle / Away / Racing, Vintage Formula 1 Car 1975 Shadow ( Cosworth Ford V8 Engine ) Starts Up, Idles, Revs, Drives Away Onto The Track Shifting Thru Gears Up To Speed, Internal Mic In.

Description: Auto: Ext: Pass By At Slow Speed On Compacted Gravel Road; Car Passes

Description: Hot Air Balloon: Propane Burner: Short Blast; Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames, Miscellaneous Transportation, Miscellaneous Sports

Description: Large Excavator: Digging Heavy & Construction Equipment


Description: Twin Prop Cl 215 Water Bomber: Ext: Pass By Vintage Airplanes & Propeller Planes

Description: Overhead Crane, Big, Factory, Industry, Version 2; Digiffects; Heavy & Construction Equipment

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