Description: Airplane, Jet, Start, Take Off, Version 4; Digiffects; Airplane Exterior Perspectives

Description: AAV landing craft revs at a low rpm. Vehicle, Landing Craft Engine, Idle.

Description: Vw Bug: Ext: Start, Idle, Exit Right, Normal Speed Volkswagen Cars

Description: Sound effect pack that contains seven unique recordings of an engine cranking and turning over as someone turns the ignition and tries to get the motor started, to no avail. Various lengths included.

Description: Sound recording of a school bus pulling up to pick up a rider, stopping, and then pulling away and driving off again.

Description: Large Wagon, Four Horse Team: On Board: Start, Trot On Asphalt And Gravel Mix; Horse Drawn Carriages, Wagons And Sleds

Description: Ext: Start, Accelerate Quickly To High Speed, From Exhaust(L) Engine(R), Sports Car Porsche Cars

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