Description: Indy Professional Open Wheel Tier 1: Group Pass By, Straight Away Race Cars;Car Races

Description: Ext: Slow Speed, Pass By Right To Left, Truck, Suv, Sport Utility Vehicle Jeeps;Car Drivebys Right To Left

Description: Ext: Start, Idle, Accelerate Slow Continuously, Stop, Idle, Shut Off, Reverse Parking Sequence In Gravel, Truck, Suv, Sport Utility Vehicle Jeeps

Description: Snowmobile arrives and turns off.

Description: Car Trunk Open And Close; Mercedes Close Perspective.

Description: Stereo sound effect recording of rallycross race cars during a race. Two single cars plus a group of three cars pass by with clear Doppler effect. This mid/side recording can be converted to mono without phase problems.

Description: Bus, Mini, Start, Idling; Digiffects; Buses

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