Description: A great pack of 12 whooshes in various styles. Perfect for film editing, titles transitions and web page effects.

Description: Strong organic whoosh by. Stereo.

Description: 10 Woosh & Swoosh Effect Pack - Windy sounds

Description: Dramatic, Action, Adventure music with aggressive mood, epic percussion, rich orchestral sound.

Description: Short Transition electronic sound effect

Description: Unique whooshes. Great for transition effects. Each whoosh is a multi-layered sound that was carefully designed to bring you something fresh and new

Description: Bright Mysterious Logo 01 (0:11) - for creating trailers and logos

Description: Cool sounding radio imaging fx element created for the use in radio jingles ,sweepers, promo's and other multimedia productions.

Description: Breaky and powerfull bumper transition for TVshows or media.

Description: UFO Sequence. Version - Full Mix

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