Description: Sound of whoosh - fast star

Description: Rotating object whooshing flyby

Description: Electric humming kind of transitional whoosh

Description: This is a collection of ambient underscore cinematic sounds, soundscapes that are short, suitable for games, apps, computer games and cinematic purposes. These sounds can disrupt and make the viewer pay attention to the details he or she sees on screen, or the details in the voice over. They have a solid element to them. Moving from the low frequencies.

Description: "Space Bubble" - the sound of the opening of the cosmic bubble ...

Description: This is one sound out of a collection of transition howling and daunting low whoosh sounds that are very close in sound to a suspenseful and thrilling experience in a film or a videogame. They can also be used as transitions between scenes or show segments in a YouTube video, for example.

Description: Futuristic sci-fi transitional sound effect.

Description: Futuristing choir stinger sound effect.

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