Description: Mayday distress call from radio with radio noise.

Description: Conversation, 4-6 children, discussing life on other planets, talking, debating, yelling, laughing, giggling, funny, comical, kids, males, females, girls, boy, human voice.

Description: Sound of male santa claus wishing merry xmas to everybody, dry and wet

Description: Santa Clause laughs (Ho, ho, ho), and says "Merry Christmas." Four takes.

Description: Ham Radio Operator, Talking To Receiver Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Clown performing for a large group of young children and they laugh hysterically giggling, yelling, kids, males, females, boys, girls, human voice, party, celebration.

Description: Fight, large group of children yelling,& screaming, fight, fight to encourage a fight already in progress, human voice, kids.

Description: Outdoor Village, Indonesia, busy street, 30+ children playing, laughing, talking, screaming, some adults, some nature sounds, language not too discernible, stereo.

Description: A flight attendant on an airplane giving welcoming passengers over an intercom.

Description: Robot voice is talking / speaking clock phrases. Spoken phrases with american accent with the sound of a futuristic robot. Check the other sounds of this serie. Also avaiable in different robot sound colours. Can be used for movies and films. There is a pause different the words so you can cut easily the necessary part.

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