Description: Male & female having an argument - jealousy, human voice.

Description: Gathering, live ambience, group of 30-50 family, kids, adults talking.. restaurant, dinner party..., stereo, , human voice.

Description: Auctioneer, Cows In Background, Walla Announcements & Speeches

Description: Male Auctioneer: Sell: One Thousand To Ten Thousand Dollars; Announcements & Speeches, Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: School yard, Playground, outdoor, 10+ children, recess, bell rings, kids playing, laughing, screaming, yelling. Lots of chatter and talking, some individual words, stereo.

Description: Auctioneer, professional, selling antique doll, up to $2,100, clean.., without background ambience.

Description: Yells And Chain Movements Chain Foley;Screams & Yells

Description: Generic Bad News Report, Radio, Announcer, Tv, Television Announcements & Speeches

Description: Horse Auction: Interaction With Audience, Animal Horses;Announcements & Speeches

Description: Announcer Calling Out Numbers Miscellaneous Ambiences;Announcements & Speeches

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