Description: Ship on deck - Schiff an Deck - stereo - Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.

Description: Diesel Powered Cargo Ship: On Board: Deck Ambience: Engine Background, Wake Roar, Metal Rattles Cargo Ships

Description: Passenger Cruise Ship: Ext: Heavy Ocean Wake, From Bow, Some Wind In Mic; Cruise Ships, Ocean, Surf & Waves, Wind

Description: Galleon Tall Ship Under Sail 8 - Calm sea - Bow wave and ropes - nice background

Description: Ship In Violent Storm At Sea: Ocean Swells, Heavy Rain And Thunder, Weather, Ambience Miscellaneous Commercial Watercraft;Rain;Storms & Natural Disasters;Thunder & Lightning

Description: Ship Large Ferry Bow Wash 2 - Close bow waves and wash - no engines

Description: Galleon Tall Ship Under Sail 5 - Deck recording - bow waves and wood moves

Description: 19th Century sailing ship moving through the sea, gentle rocking, ships bell, creaking timbers and rigging

Description: Ship Large Ferry Deck Atmosphere under Sail 1 - Engines and sea wash upper deck

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