Description: Large Ship Horn: Ext: Single Long Blast, Deep Growl

Description: Large Ship: Ext: On Board: General Loading Ambience: Light Voices, Distant Short Horns, Activity

Description: Large Ship Horn: Ext: Two Long Blasts, Deep Growl

Description: sound recorded by FXProSound. Usable in media, game, foley. Acoustic: processed, envelopped, normalized.

Description: Pulling large ships train through pulleys in three bursts. Clinking as links pass over wheel

Description: Sound of large marine engine from bowels of ship hull. Large generator mechanically churning and shaking surroundings. Loop ready

Description: Submarine sonar ping, rhythmical beep with echo and delay, loop ready

Description: This is the sound of a fog horn from a boat.

Description: This is an audio clip of a fog horn blowing.

Description: A boat using the fog horn is heard in this audio clip.

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