Description: Diesel Train Passing By, Wheel Clatter Only Trains

Description: Freight Train: Passing By, Heavy Squealing, No Approach Trains

Description: Paris, France: Train Station: Int: General Ambience, Large Hall, Heavy Rumble, Distant Trains Train Station Ambiences;World Ambiences, France

Description: Freight Train: Ext: Crossing Bells, Train Passes By At Fast Speed With Very Close Horn Blast; Bells, Horns, Trains

Description: Binaural Recording of the ambience of a Italian local train trip. Leaving from a station. You can ear very well the metal sound of the train tracks, slow speed.

Description: Steam Train: On Board Engine: Steady, Track Rattle, Steam Whistles, Bell Bells;Whistles

Description: Train Door Slams and Interior Atmosphere Stationary - Voices and movements - background tannoy announcements

Description: Large Live Steam Model Train: Onboard: Whistle Blow, Start, Ride Around Track, Stop Whistles

Description: Medium Crowd: General Ambience Train Station Ambiences

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