Description: Stereo ambience or sound effect recording of inside of a car, van, truck or other vehicle as it drives steadily along on a paved road.

Description: Sound of auto tire humming on pavement with some surreal elements. Stereo.

Description: 2005 Honda Pilot driving on gravel road. Interior recording.

Description: Int: Drive On Dirt Road, Vintage Car Antique Cars (Pre 1940);Ford Cars

Description: Car Start, Idle With Bad Lifters, Cough Off.

Description: Interior Car Closed Windows, Driving On Rough Road With Many Potholes. Interior Suspension Clunks And Rattles.

Description: Car Going Thru Car Wash Miscellaneous Industry, Machinery & Tools

Description: Driving Renault Trafic van, starts engine, pulls away, various manoeuvres

Description: Automatic Car Washing Inside the Car Sound...

Description: Military Uaz-452 Off Road Van: Int: Idle, Drive at Slow Speed, Stop

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