Description: Ext: Slow Speed, Pass By Right To Left, Truck, Suv, Sport Utility Vehicle Jeeps;Car Drivebys Right To Left

Description: Ext: Start, Idle, Accelerate Slow Continuously, Stop, Idle, Shut Off, Reverse Parking Sequence In Gravel, Truck, Suv, Sport Utility Vehicle Jeeps

Description: Taxi, Austin, Arrives, Person Enters, Drives Off, Car; Digiffects; Car Doors; Car Drive Aways

Description: Auto: Ext: Pass By At Slow Speed On Compacted Gravel Road; Car Passes

Description: Car, Snow Tires, Exterior, Asphalt, Arriving, Engine Off; Digiffects; Car Passes

Description: Car Approach On Gravel Surface, Stop, No Engine Car Drive Towards

Description: Compact Car: Pull Up, Shut Off, Dodge Car Drive Towards;Dodge Cars

Description: Ext: Pull Up From Left, Slow Speed, Stop, Idle, Shut Off With Backfire, Sports Car Vintage Cars (1940-1980);Car Drive Towards

Description: 1940 Citroen Traction: Ext: Pass By At Medium Speed Car Passes;Antique Cars (Pre 1940)

Description: Start, Drive Away Car Drive Aways

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