Description: authentic b-17 flies by with a mighty roar.

Description: Sound of: small aeroplane engine from inside

Description: This is a sound effect of a airplane taking off

Description: Audio recorded mid-flight on a commercial airliner. Mainly cabin noise with indecipherable talking in the background. One full minute, can be looped for longer scenes. Recorded using a stereo mic at an x/y pattern.

Description: 2 jet planes passing close, very loud sound

Description: Internal ambience of a Airbus A300 aeroplane flying at a steady speed

Description: Airplane flying above. Jas 39 Gripen flying. Recorded in Falun, Sweden when the airplane flew over the city. Some great takes were captured. Made for films, documentary or computer games. airplane, engine, aircraft, sky, jet, flying, fighter, jas, 39, gripen, jas 39 gripen, jet fighter, sound, effects, air, plane, fly, military, game, video games, war, warfare, fps, war games

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