Description: More hammering, distant vacuuming, and tools used in home renovation or repair.

Description: Hammering, taking measurements and more in home renovation.

Description: sound of workshop hammering dumb glass plasticusable for foleydistance midacoustic: indoor

Description: sound of urban ambience cutting branches in parkusable in foley, moviedistance - midacoustic - field

Description: sound of mechanic metal latch blockingusable in foleydistance: midacoustic: indoor

Description: sound of metallic screwing aluminium threadusable for foleydistance: midacoustic:indoor

Description: sound of wooden construction assemblingusable for foleydistance: midacoustic:

Description: Sound of housework - metal rakes usingUsable for: foleyDistance: midAcoustic: field

Description: Sound of housework gardening - leaves throwingUsable for: foleyDistance: midAcoustic: indoor

Description: sound of workshop metal saw cuttingusable for foleydistance mid closeacoustic: indoor

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