Description: Tire Changer: Remove Tire From Rim, Air Releases, Compressor In Background; Gas & Service Station

Description: Large Underground Spray Sprinkler, Water Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Operating Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: working on stones on the street, recorded with m-audio from high at around 20 meter. Some reverberation from the walls street

Description: construction site with pneumatic hammer

Description: Blacksmith uses Anvil, hammer hits fitting in shaping horseshoes bg voices, rural interior Chicken New chicks

Description: Supermarket, Corridors gondolas pedestrians steps Trolleys purchase kids bg music undefined-a

Description: Shovelling Snow With Metal Shovel, Garden; Digiffects; Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Idle,Revs,Fast

Description: Propane Torch: Start, Run On High, Shut Off; Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames, Electricity, Arcing & Sparks, Miscellaneous Industry, Machinery & Tools