Description: Drill, Upright, Machine, Close, Wood, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Drills, Electric

Description: Hammering, Construction Jackhammers

Description: Start, Run, Shut Off, Close Up Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Shovelling And Scraping Snow From Yard, Garden; Digiffects; Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Jackhammer 2; On Bridge Above With Deep Knocking Vibrations. Medium Perspective.

Description: Blacksmith, handle 6 Carnations the bin, 1 at a time, hammer preaches horseshoe bg, cock crows several times rural area

Description: Free Markets, Environment between Barracks, Fairground and people

Description: Wire, Tension, Up, Down, Sci Fi, 2 Versions; Digiffects; Space Transporters, Scramblers & Dematerializers

Description: Lawnmower Engine Steady, 9 Horse Power Wisconsin Motor, Slow Idle.

Description: chainsaw, ice carving, tools, construction