Description: Free Markets, Environment between Barracks, Fairground and people-c

Description: Propane Torch: Start, Run On High With Movement, Shut Off; Fire Scenes, Fires & Flames, Electricity, Arcing & Sparks, Miscellaneous Industry, Machinery & Tools

Description: tools, construction, jackhammer, jack hammer

Description: Start, Run, Shut Off, Distant Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Belt Sander, on wooden surface.

Description: Supermarket, leaving the Cash Registers environment bg transit

Description: Gas, Run, Cutting Down Trees, Tree Falls Chainsaws

Genres: Sound Effects , Power Tools - Jack Hammers

Description: jack hammer, construct, hammer, electric, noise, disturbing, ambience, heavy, hydraulic, jackhammer, tools, mechanical, repetitive, working, works, sound, effect, construction hammers, apartment, renovation, electric hammer, construction, building, build, manufacture, fabrication, bricklayer, mason, home improvement, upsetting, seamless looping

Description: Electric chainsaw sawing through logs

Description: This made a good sound clip I thin, My neighbor weed wacking his yard while I was out filming some storms.