Description: 24 Hp Gas Snow Blower: Pull Start, Blow Heavy Snow From End Of Driveway, Shut Off Outdoor Household & Gardening

Description: Blacksmith, uses pliers Alligator, hold the fitting Anvil, Hammer grid iron, shapes horseshoe bg rural environment

Description: Fish Market within shouting men cleaning Fish customers-b

Description: Popular Market Uruguaiana Street Rio de Janeiro movement of pedestrians, close musician plays the violin Chinese Er Hu

Description: Large Ice Driller: Ext: Ambience, Semi Distant; Industries & Factories, Factory & Industrial Equipment, Other Hand Tools, Drills, Electric

Description: Weed whacker,Gas,Hitting Wood,Buzzy

Description: Supermarket, Session Hort Fruit pedestrians Shopping Carts environment

Description: Large Rock Drill: Ext: Start, Drill Into Rock Side, Stop; Industries & Factories, Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Blacksmith, takes 8 Carnations in bin, 1 at a time, Hammer preaches Horseshoe, bg chicken and chick chirping rural area

Description: Broad Axe, Machine, Big, Breaking Concrete, Garage, Version1; Digiffects; Jackhammers