Description: stone on stone sliding,scraping, good for "and the stone was rolled away" or "secret passage" kind of stuff.

Description: Tree Falling In Forest, Logging Plant, Leaf & Tree Impacts

Description: Brick wall tumbling to the floor.

Description: Small Rustling Branch Shake With Berries Falling; Leaf & Foliage Foley, Crackle, Rattle & Jingle Foley, Rustle & Shuffle Foley

Description: Medium Tree: Fall To Ground Plant, Leaf & Tree Impacts

Description: Created dramatic effects of buildings collapsing or breaking

Description: Fire Logs Burning in Grate 2 - Flame with some spitting and pops

Description: sound of a rock or stone falling in a pile of rubble.

Description: Stone Dirt Nature Landslide Slowly Approaching Landslide

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