Description: Paragliding, Takeoff of 2 people, Pedra Bonita Rio de Janeiro bg environmental voices hubbub

Description: Sports Croquet Ball Croquet Hit 01.

Description: Sports Helmet Catchers Drop On Back Grass 01.

Description: Sports Go Kart Pass By Right To Left Skid Electric.

Description: Croquet Game: General Ambience, Sports Croquet

Description: Sweeping: One Player, Sports Curling

Description: Sports Croquet Ball Hit Stake 01.

Description: Gymnastics, Vaulting, Small Trampoline; Digiffects; Gymnastics

Description: The sound of a sailing coach in the distance yelling "all clear!"

Description: Community Gymnasium: Volleyball: Game Ambience: Heavy Voices, Other Balls And Weight Room In Background; Miscellaneous Ambiences, Exercise & Workouts, Volleyball, Miscellaneous Voices