Description: Loop ready ambience or sound effect recording of a basketball game taking place in a large arena with a boisterous crowd cheering, yelling and booing along with the game.

Description: A large rubber balance ball being slapped and bounced against a hardwood floor.

Description: Loop ready sound recording of a hockey player skating around the ice rink.

Description: Loop ready stereo ambience recording of a hockey rink during practice, warm up, or open ice. Many hockey players are skating, stick handling, and shooting pucks.

Description: Loop ready sound recording of high intensity action on the ice during a hockey game. Lots of fast skating and stick handling sounds from a close perspective.

Description: Up tempo action loop with a base line and electric guitar chords. An ambience is also created with piano strings. Inspired by a cool snowboarder on a mountain going over jumps and with a clear blue crisp sky behind them during a big orange sunset, and scenic terrain all around.

Description: The track written specifically for a sports themes , perfect for many projects media , creating videos, background music, YouTube videos , corporate videos, business video production, advertising and much more

Description: Corner flag flapping in wind, loop

Description: Corner flag gently flapping in wind, loop

Description: Baseball impact sound for any your project. Perfect for games,postscoring video,and as effect in your music. Thanks for listening!

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