Description: Golf: Iron Drivers ( 9x ); Irons: Two Through Nine; Nine Swings, Left To Right, Varying Degrees Of Aggression On Swing / Impact, Some Dirt Flying, Close Perspective.

Description: Golf Bag, Put Down Bag, Choose Club, Lay Down Bag, Pick Up Bag, Put Back Club, Shoulder Bag; Digiffects; Golf

Description: Golf, Flag, Pin, Stick, Put Down On Green, Put Back In Hole; Digiffects; Golf

Description: Golf, Shoes With Spikes, Walking On Flagstones, Using Shoe Cleaning Machine; Digiffects; Golf

Description: Golf: Golf Ball Putt / Roll ( 5x ); Golf Ball Putt And Roll By, 5 Times, Close Perspective.

Description: high quality stereo recording of a golf drive.