Description: Professional: Game Ambience: Player Action, Heavy Crowd Booing, Sports Basketball

Description: Basketball (Indoors): Dribbling-28 times at medium, then fast speed.

Description: Sports Gym Basketball Practice Ball Bounce Sneakers Squeak 01.

Description: Basketball, One On One Game, Shoe Squeak, Dribbles And Shot With Net Swish. Int Gym Reverb.

Description: Basketball Crowd: Cheers And Applause, Sports Basketball

Description: Basketball Practice: Two Man Drill, Sports Basketball

Description: Exterior Basketball; Player With No Ball Bounces, Just Foot Movement On Pavement.

Description: University Basketball: Game Ambience: Large Crowd, Wall Of Cheer; Basketball, Arenas & Stadiums, Cheering Large Indoor Crowds, Stadium & Arena Crowds

Description: Professional: Game Ambience: Players And Crowd Reactions, Sports Basketball