Description: A profesional flute being quickly fingered randomly by 9 fingers producing rapid bloop, click, and clunking. This is a very strange an unique sound design element! Edited for seamless looping.

Description: harmonious and hypnotic sound effect

Description: Electric bass ostinato processed electronically

Description: Obstinate Wah Wah guitar

Description: Deep throbbing low frequency eerie Alien planet ambience.

Description: Long, dark, low frequency rumble drone. Good for horror, suspense, film, theatre etc

Description: Low frequency rumble with regular booms. Great for background ambience, film, theatre, video games, atmosphere etc

Description: synthetic pulse electronic

Description: Weird, building tone / drone with a base note of D#

Description: Ghostly, spooky drone inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Past from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

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