Description: A collection of long whooshing transition sounds with some deep bass to give your motion some extra impact. Perfect for transitional cuts or moving text. Anything you can think of. Bring your production to the next level!

Description: A pressure thump and bang from hitting a microphone.

Description: switching on and buzz of fluorescent tubes

Description: Hard-hitting cinematic sting with sharp glass and blades upon impact. Quick reverse effects build at the top.

Description: A profesional flute being quickly fingered randomly by 9 fingers producing rapid bloop, click, and clunking. This is a very strange an unique sound design element! Edited for seamless looping.

Description: Large creature, screech.

Description: Creaking sound of growing wood and roots expanding from a tree.

Description: atmosphere of brain tumour.

Description: Magical Poignant Sparkling Eastern Chimes Bongos

Description: Wet Gooey Liquid Splat Comic Liquid Accents