Description: A piece of birch bark burning with lots of crackling from the oil filled bark. Edited for looping. A great fire effect for games or video. Once the bark start burning vigorously the intense crackles take on an almost radio static sound. If only there were a sfx for how sweet the burning bark smoke smells!

Description: A profesional flute being quickly fingered randomly by 9 fingers producing rapid bloop, click, and clunking. This is a very strange an unique sound design element! Edited for seamless looping.

Description: Magic medieval logo with steel guitar, harpsichord and little bells...

Description: A high tension electric arc crackling. Edited for seamless looping.

Description: Clear exciting melody of heavenly handbells just tells us: "Soon is Christmas!.."

Description: Agressive guitar riffs in style of rock.

Description: Futuristic noise, sound effect

Description: Short intriguing intro in style of jazz.

Description: Sound Shape Studio Licensing Whatever your needs are — film, commercials, internet or other media — I can provide compositions, scores and sound design.

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