Description: 2 minutes full of synthesized futuristic beeping.

Description: Sci Fi Radio Malfunction Static Digital Chaos Communication Science Fiction.

Description: Drones & Pads - Electric, spacy Star Wars inspired Drone with digital interface sounds. Includes mixout without FX

Description: Drones & Pads - Warm Independence Day Drone with fireworks. Includes mixout without FX

Description: This drone sound is a good layer to create some dark, intense, chilling, anxious, hostile, menacing, atmospheres. Recorded with Korg Triton keyboard.

Description: sound recorded by FXProSound. Usable in media, game, foley. Acoustic: processed, envelopped, normalized.

Description: Ambient, sci-fi, repeated loop, ethereal, nature, travel, animals, dawn, dusk, sunlight, atmospheric, landscape, delicate, dramatic, dreamy, high pitch, gentle, heavenly, majestic, meditative, mellow, peaceful, pensive, relax, sensual, sentimental, soft, zen. Recorded with Korg Triton Keyboard.

Description: Dramatic Space Ambience: Ethereal; Sci Fi Ambiences

Description: Sci Fi Subsonic Rumble Low Whine Modulation Science Fiction.

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