Description: Sci Fi Laser Beam Ray Descend Science Fiction.

Description: Laser Weapons Fire From Large Spaceship, Sci Fi Space Battles

Description: Sound of explosions in space

Description: Large Light Sabre: Single Swing; Space Lasers, Rays & Photons

Description: Heavy Impact Strike With Massive Arcing, Sci Fi Space Lasers, Rays & Photons

Description: Spaceship Or Large Weapon: Ignite Sequence; Space Lasers, Rays & Photons, Spacecraft Interiors, Engines & Rumbles

Description: Sound of deploy or shot - strong, metallic

Description: Light Saber,Sci-Fi,Low,Swing,Fast 1

Description: Sound of the fight sabres. Use in games, in video postscoring, in movies and at creation epic music. I hope this file useful for you. Thanks for listening!

Description: A futuristic weapon sound effect. Ideal for use in Sci-fi and Fantasy projects.

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