Description: Sci Fi Subsonic Rumble Low Whine Modulation Science Fiction.

Description: Sci Fi Magnetic Field Large Ambience Alien Control Room Spaceship Modulation Science Fiction.

Description: Sub Woofer; General Purpose Rumble Ambience.

Description: Hollow Wind with Portamento At Mid Wind, Hollow.

Description: Super Sub Pulse Gradual Rhythm Increase Pulse, Sub, Rhythm.

Description: Thick Metallic Scrape Ambience Metallic, Scrape.

Description: Big Craft Ambience Craft, Sci-fi Space.

Description: Heavy Airy Wash Ambience Airy Wash, Heavy.

Description: Steady Long Choral Textures with Distant Rhythmic Background Movement Choral, Rhythmic, Movement.

Description: Activity Orchestra Atonal Metallic Movement.

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