Description: Futuristic transport vehicle pass by, with a long trail out.

Description: Spaceship Interior 01 - Low background pulsing drone of machinery working in a spaceship cabin / engine-room with added beeps and whooples

Description: A drive by/doppler from a space car or hover craft.

Description: This is one sound out of a collection of suspense game or video sounds, soundscapes that are short, suitable for games, apps, computer games, cinematic purposes. These sounds can cut trough and make the viewer pay attention to the details in order not to get jump scared, or to get prepared to discover some mystery.

Description: This is one item out of a sound pack of electronic sound effects that resemble movement in very high pitch, a wrench of something tweet and metallic and other types of sound

Description: This is one effect out of a sound collection that includes a sharp sound effect that resembles the sound. Useful for videogames, menu, sound design, DJ, apps, video, editing, as well as a curious sound effect featuring some futuristic drifting sound with a mysterious outcome.

Description: Swooshing sound of the alien tripod in War Of The Worlds

Description: Futuristic engine stop sound.

Description: The flight of an unidentified flying objects.

Description: Sound effect of acceleration.

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