Description: Sweeping Probe With Hollow Whirling Winds And Cosmic Strings Sci Fi Ambiences

Description: Electronic Buzzing: Gathers Momentum And Builds To Heavy Industrial Hum Sci Fi Ambiences

Description: Dream Atmosphere, Pleasant Feeling, Electronic; Digiffects; Fantasy Ambiences

Description: Eerie Synth Drone, Horror Fantasy Ambiences

Description: Science Fiction Magical Whoosh Delay 01.

Description: Science Fiction Magical Whoosh Filter 01.

Description: Space Ship Fly By, Sci Fi Spacecraft Interiors, Engines & Rumbles

Description: Moog, Drone, Distortion, Feedback, Sci Fi; Digiffects

Description: Science Fiction Cargo Bay Door Large Close 01.

Description: A futuristic bass effect very good for a science-fiction music.