Description: Bass, Drone, Low; Digiffects

Description: Pulsating, throbbing and resonant. Sci-Fi energy drone.

Description: Cave Ambience, Low Howling Rumble, Sci Fi Horror & Haunted Ambiences

Description: Bass, Drone, Dry; Digiffects

Description: Space Station Or Large Ship: Low Drone With Electronic Whine, Spaceship Sci Fi Ambiences

Description: Space Ship Interior, Sci Fi Spacecraft Interiors, Engines & Rumbles

Description: A full wind magic spell with intro and ending. Caster creates a tornado like spell.

Description: Bass, Drone, Low, Danger, Subsonic; Digiffects

Description: Dramatic Space Ambience: Uninhabited Surface Or Is It; Sci Fi Ambiences

Description: Dramatic Space Ambience: Cursed Passage, Deep Rumble With Distant Reverberant Whoosh; Sci Fi Ambiences

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