Description: 6 various effects of cinematic hit. Use for trailers, music, movies, TV, games and as other effect. Thanks for listening! Look my other effects:)

Description: Deep and dark space tones with wind in the background.Builds up towards the end.Creates a haunting,scary and spooky atmosphere.Can be used in futuristic themes as well as adventure themes.

Description: Huge, metal machine starts up, gains speed then is abruptly switched off. Stereo.

Description: Big, boomy impact variation on earlier version. Stereo.

Description: Drone Electric Hum Vibrato Production Element Imaging Element Texture Bed Atmosphere Synth.

Description: Trailer Bed Scary Heavy Whooshes Reverse Vocals Whispers Production Element Imaging Element Accent Transition.

Description: Powerful slow winding up element for building intensity. Stereo.

Description: Real heartbeat. Not synth or foley. Speeded up by DAW. Mono

Description: Sound of: mellow moody strings theme

Description: Stereo recording of live common house fly. Various states. Close, clean, suitable for custom design. Pitch EQ up to becomes a mosquito. More takes in insects category.

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