Description: Sound of: typical killer scene with breath of killer and scream of victim - two takes

Description: Cinematic dramatic mysterious theme with strings, brass and choir

Description: electrical, electric, current, texture, bassy

Description: Sweepers Sounders Links Bridges

Description: Drone Musical Dream Slow Warm Harmonic Swells Production Element Imaging Element Texture Bed Atmosphere Synth.

Description: Lfe Test Tone Oscillator 75Hz 60 Seconds -12Db.

Description: Lfe Test Tone Oscillator 25Hz 60 Seconds -12Db.

Description: Composition Bed Suspenseful Shaker Metallic Hits Production Element Imaging Element Accent Transition.

by hubb | wav | 0:31 |

Genres: Sound Effects , Production Elements Miscellaneous

Description: Laboratory looping background ambiance with bubbling, fizzing noise.

Description: Lfe Test Tone Oscillator 100Hz 60 Seconds -12Db.