Description: Suspenseful, haunting overtones with a feeling of resolution at the end.

Description: Distant deep rhythmic metallic pulse. Machine like. Stereo. Locomotive.

Description: Iron giant. Close. Nice tone. Stereo. Series.

Description: Big, solid metal impact series with light debris trail. Stereo.

Description: Sense of huge mass or entity passing by. Stereo.

Description: Big, boomy impact variation on earlier version. Stereo.

Description: Large turbine slows to a stop with lots of whines and clunks. Stereo

Description: Real heartbeat. Not synth or foley. Speeded up by DAW. Mono

Description: Horse driven old time large wooden mill wheel turns.

Description: If you need a drone type bed that evokes a feeling of rising or deepening mystery this may work. Stereo.