Description: Documentary style off screen battle with gunfire and artillery. Stereo.

Description: Sound effect montage for an imaginary flashback sequence. Like a brain about to short circuit. Use a piece of the whole. Stereo.

Description: Slow rising low end drone with sizzling element. Stereo.

Description: Dense, med slow metallic like scrape for transitions, trailer "shock" cuts, sci fi etc. Stereo.

Description: Rising, near roaring metallic like build up to sharp peak and long reverb tail away for building suspense, shock, transitions, tension etc. Stereo.

Description: Exterior fight enactment with studio foley enhancements. Intense life or death struggle. Add hits and punches to flavor. Good for on/off screen.

Description: Ghostly powerful whooshes with nice panning effect. Stereo.

Description: Ghost like object with haunting overtones passes overhead. Stereo.

Description: The opening of an earlier post receives a different, treatment. Powerful spirit enters and exits. Stereo. Spec sound design for thriller. Use a section or as a layer for something else.

Description: Slow, organic, evolving whoosh by. Good bed for other elements. Stereo.