Description: Huge, metal machine starts up, gains speed then is abruptly switched off. Stereo.

Description: Deep trailer rising hit - strong

Description: Sound of: cinematic trailer type drum hit

Description: Cinematic psychedelic trailer hit

Description: Big hard movie trailer type slam in stereo with short whoosh in.

Description: Rising, near roaring metallic like build up to sharp peak and long reverb tail away for building suspense, shock, transitions, tension etc. Stereo.

Description: Metallic like med fast scrape for movie trailer transition, shock effect or other accent either foreground or background. Stereo.

Description: Long evolving sound, ideal for movie transitions with tense atmosphere or attention-claiming moments of video

Description: Big, boomy impact variation on earlier version. Stereo.

Description: Burst of blinding white light. Stereo.

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