Description: Organic, foreboding, suspenseful, deep tone with sense of movement. Stereo.

Description: Deep within earth, rocks are crystallizing. Stereo.

Description: Sad, haunting low pitch wind like whistle with bass undertone. Stereo.

Description: Suspenseful, haunting overtones with a feeling of resolution at the end.

Description: Sci-Fi Sound effect ! An original royalty free production element that is perfect for Arcade / PC / Console Videogames, Interactive Media, Radio Commercials

Description: Twisted horror piece with disturbing reversed vocals and spiritual voices that give the sense of souls being trapped or desperately wanting to be set free. Note: These were not real children's voices.

Description: Powerful single laser blast. Stereo.

Description: Powerful slow winding up element for building intensity. Stereo.

Description: Walking steps with good sense of movement and surface depth.

Description: Ghostly powerful whooshes with nice panning effect. Stereo.

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