Description: Creaky, old wheel turns at various speeds.

Description: Dark themed background ambiance with phasing choir voices.

Description: Powerful storm wind with torrential rain. Stereo.

Description: A special sound effect montage in two parts. Part one: The beast is devoured. Part two: The void. Ends on a note of foreboding. Use a piece of the whole. Stereo.

Description: Organic, foreboding, suspenseful, deep tone with sense of movement. Stereo.

Description: Sad, haunting low pitch wind like whistle with bass undertone. Stereo.

Description: Walking steps with good sense of movement and surface depth.

Description: 3 new and different emergency vehicle sirens to add to your collection. City recordings but no other traffic and very low ambience. Police. Paramedics. Fire Truck. Stereo.

Description: Use this drone to evoke the feeling of the ethereal. The heavenly. The angelic. A "higher power". Sourced from an African flute. No voices or synths used. Stereo.

Description: scary soundscape for horror and terror.

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