Description: Excellent groove electro house, warm, intense, drum, bass, synth

Description: Syncopated and minimalist, wah wah riff guitar, drum and bass. Hypnotic

Description: Groove funk modern, dry, bass, drums and effects

Description: Beat of electronic percussion, frenetic and tense

Description: Slow and full time, intense and deep. Drum machine,synth bass,effects

Description: Moderate tempo, intriguing with a touch of tension. Effects, Drum machine, synth, synth bass.

Description: Excellent fast groove of two North African percussion.

Description: Moderate, warm, intriguing weather with a touch of tension. Drum machine,synth,synth bass.

Description: Moderate, minimal tempo, with a distant piano.Drum machine, bass, effects, piano

Description: An inspiring, relaxed and emotional piece of music. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to commercials, advertisements, film/television.