Description: Bell Tower; Three Low-pitched Bell Tolls Medium Close, Slow, With Long Ring-off. Classic Clock Tower Chime.

Description: Bell Tower, Three Low-pitched Bell Tolls Medium Close, Slow. Classic Clock Tower Chime. Long Ring-off.

Description: This is a group of 35mm camera shutter sounds. As repeated bursts and single shots.

Description: Close proximity recording of the firing of 2 cakes followed by 2 poinsonous spiders

Description: Military Drum Corps Battle March With Vocals.

Description: Firecracker Single Explosions, Medium Interior Perspective.

Description: Loop ready stereo recording of a flag flapping as it's blowing in the wind.

Description: the ringing you might hear while slowly waking up from a nightmare

Description: a dark and evil horror background ambience

Description: Fireworks rocket battery explosions close

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