Description: Making some italian coffee with a traditional coffee machine. Switching on the fire and... the coffee is ready!

Description: Zipper, 20 Versions X 3 Rooms; Digiffects; Zippers

Description: Heavy Object (Body) Dragged On Wooden Floor; Digiffects; Human Impact Foley; Drag, Scrape & Slide Foley

Description: Paper Shredder - Electric - shredding various types of paper and card

Description: Cell Plastic, Hard, Squeak, Creak, Long; Digiffects, Rigid Foam; Glass & Plastic Foley; Squeak & Creak Foley

Description: Old Mechanical Metronome: Run, Slow Tempo; Miscellaneous Foley Objects

Description: Kitchen atmosphere, cooking, preparing food, cooker hood fan in background

Description: Barrel, Rolling, Spins, Wood, Water Inside; Digiffects; Wood, Paper & Cardboard Foley; Drag, Scrape & Slide Foley

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