Description: Metal Roller With Ball Bearings: Short Spin, 7 Takes, Metal Foley, Roll & Spin Foley, Other Hand Tools

Description: Empty 45 Gallon Drum Being Rolled Barrel, Bin, Bucket & Drum Impacts

Description: Trolley, Goods Trolley, In Elevator, Moves Around, Steel Floor, Rolling, Wheels; Digiffects; Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Tearing Cotton Cloth, Average Coarseness, Several Versions; Digiffects; Cut, Tear & Rip Foley; Cloth, Clothing, Fabric & Leather Foley

Description: Heavy Crunching And Shuffling Of Bubble Packing Material Plastic & Styrofoam Impacts

Description: Laundry Trolley, Steel, Rolling, Wheels, Industry, 4 Versions; Digiffects; Roll & Spin Foley

Description: Rattly Metal Cart Passing By In Reverberant Hallway, Rattle Crackle, Rattle & Jingle Foley;Roll & Spin Foley

Description: Large Metal Bin: Push Constant Roll & Spin Foley

Description: Cart, Small, Pulled By Man, Ride, Bumpy; Digiffects; Roll & Spin Foley; Crackle, Rattle & Jingle Foley

Description: Cart, Big, Pulled By Man, Ride, Close To Wheel; Digiffects; Roll & Spin Foley