Description: Beautiful mother nature recorded in full stereo direct to digital. A beautiful breezy and windy day. These sound recordings of nature are also used in my award winning music albums heard throughout the world in such places as Pandora, Sirius, Music Choice and others. The stereo field is especially brought to focus in my recordings.

Description: Wind, Room, Wind Through Door, Strong Wind, Winter, Environment, Ambience; Digiffects; Wind

Description: Wind, Across Moor, Swamp; Digiffects; Wind

Description: Storm Wind Interior - Gale raging with lots of wind element levels - some interior rattles and movements

Description: Wind In Forest 1 - Strong wind through leaves and branches - some birds - wind rises and falls

Description: Storm Wind Exterior - Gale raging with lots of wind element levels

Description: wind, ambience, ambiance, gusts, leaves, trees, weather, storm, Soundopolis

Description: Recording of a windy night

Description: Wind in Trees Heavy with Birdsong 1

Description: Wind from Interior with Heavy Gusts - Some interior movements during wind squall

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